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    Taxis Bruxelles
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    the transport of persons
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    Taxis Bruxelles


Taxis Bruxelles is the new leader in passenger transport. You always hop on high vehicle range and impeccable manicured and this in comfort. Our taxis are available at any time of day or night. Our taxis are available to pick you up at Zaventem airport and airports in Belgium, as well as all stations ...

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Payment Methods

To adjust your groceries, you have two options:                     

  • Payment MasterCard, Visa, American Express.
  • By species

Checks and smartphone application

For businesses, companies or organizations we check with their provisions Taxis Brussels:

  • Billing possibility for all destinations. Our price services are no surprises with transparency VAT. You can book your taxi by email or by phone at 0476.76.66.40 or find us by applying Taxis Brussels via your smartphone.

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